9 Panel Cheer allows cheer and dance participants to perform for more than one team and/or additional performances within the same organization. Athletes will only be allowed to crossover to two additional teams (three performances total). Each participant must pay the FULL registration fee for the first performance. The second performance will be a discounted price. If a member of one organization crosses over to a new organization, for example; a School team to an All-Star team, then that participant must pay the FULL registration fee for BOTH organizations. 9 Panel Cheer will do its best to allow time in between performances. However, we cannot guarantee separations between practice times, award ceremonies, or if a coach is responsible for multiple teams. Please make sure you have noted your crossovers on your Registration Forms and Rosters. This information is crucial in planning the best day for your teams.

Division Splits

9 Panel Cheer follows USASF guidelines for splitting divisions. For a split to occur their must be at least 2 teams in any given division and level. Please see guidelines below for more detailed information.

Division splits are not applicable in Novice divisions. DI/DII division splits are not applicable in Worlds and International divisions.

No division will be divided further if it means that only one team will be left in a division.

Step 1 – Division I (DI) and Division II (DII)

9 Panel will split the division into Division I (DI) and Division II (DII) when there are at least 2 teams that will ultimately be registered in each respective division. 

Step 2 – Team Size (Levels 1-4.2, excluding Senior Open)

9 Panel will split the division into Small (5-22) and Medium (23-30) divisions when there are at least 2 teams registered in each division.

Step 3- A/B Split

If after implementing prior splits (D1/D2 and Team Size) there are 10 or more teams in any given division (with exception to two day National events), 9 Panel will split the division further. 9 Panel will use the name “Div A”, “Div B” to denote the split.

Teams from the same Club:

Teams from the same club, regardless of their location, will not have to compete against themselves if they have 2 teams of different size (Small/Medium/Large). The club may request for their teams to compete against each other. Teams of the same size from the same club will NOT automatically be split and must compete against each other, unless split as part of an A/B split. The club may request for their teams to not compete against each other but must understand and agree that having competition may not be an option. 

Registration check in

Coaches registration check in time will be open when doors open until 30 minutes prior to the last warm up check in time. Coaches must check in to receive their credentials. No formal meeting will be held so teams may arrive at the competition at their convenience. All teams must provide a Liability Waiver Form at check in.

All Star Teams must provide a Team Roster printed from the USASF website as well as a signed Compliance Report and Program Summary. Please turn these documents in at check in. Teams will not be able to compete without these documents.

Background Checks

Members of the USASF will follow the protocol found HERE.

Non Affiliated Adult Requirements:
To ensure the safest environment possible, 9 Panel Cheer requires a background screening for all adult* personnel entering the warm-up or restricted areas at all events. There will be absolutely NO exceptions to this rule. All screenings must be completed no earlier than June 1, 2024. In order to receive your credentials to enter warm-up and restricted areas a Pass or USASF Greenlight must be submitted. Current background screenings obtained through other youth organizations may be approved by submitting request to [email protected]. If you need a screening completed please let us know and we are happy to complete one for you using a third party organization (Intellicorp). Each screening cost $30 and will be applied to your balance.

*Adult is 18 years of age or older

UPDATE FOR 2024-2025- A report for each coach must be uploaded to your RegChamp. How to upload your pass/fail determinations in your program account can be found HERE.

Practice & Performance Schedules

A preliminary schedule will be sent out to coaches and owners by Sunday, 2 weeks prior to the event. Owners have until Tuesday at 1:00pm EST to express any concerns or request changes. 9 Panel Cheer will do its best to allow time in between performances. However, we cannot guarantee separations between practice times, award ceremonies, or if a coach is responsible for multiple teams. A final schedule will be sent out the Tuesday prior to the event by 5:00 PM EST. SCHEDULES WILL NOT BE POSTED ONLINE. Spectators can view schedule at the event by using the QR code when they purchase their tickets. All times are subject to change due to cancellations and additions beyond our control. There will be no additional paper copies of the schedule at the event. 

Practice times are strictly enforced. Teams that do not arrive at the scheduled time will forfeit their practice.​

Although we make every effort to follow the performance order as closely as possible, the nature of any live event requires flexibility. We encourage you to stay informed of any possible changes in performance times on the day of the event. 9 Panel Cheer cannot be held responsible for parents and spectators who miss performances or award ceremonies.


Please bring at least TWO high quality copies of your music to the event. *Be sure that if you are using a phone, iPod, or tablet that the notifications are turned off. One representative of your group or individual should be responsible for running the music during the competition. This person MUST remain at the sound booth station throughout the entire performance. In the event a routine is delayed or stopped due to the team’s operator error, timing of your routine will continue. No unnecessary team members, parents, etc. are allowed in the sound booth area. The representative from your group or individual is responsible for making any decisions should a routine interruption occur.

Music Mishap Due to Failure of 9 Panel Cheer or Team Music Equipment:
If the music skips or cuts out during the routine the coach or designated team representative will need to decide if they want to re-perform their routine again in its entirety. If the team decides to re-perform their routine, the event director will place them in the next available time slot. This time slot is non-negotiable. The team must perform their routine full out from start to finish, and will be scored from the time of incident.


Performance Area:
Music may be stopped by a coach, team representative, or event staff member for an injury if they feel it is necessary. If the music is stopped due to an injury, the team will be asked to exit the floor while an EMT is attending to the injured participant(s). The team will be allotted time to make adjustments to their performance and re-perform their routine at a later time. The time given is up to the discretion of the event director. The routine will be re-scored from the point the injury occurred. All scores received prior to the injury will remain the same.

Practice Area:
The team may move to an open space in the warm-up area to work through their issues, and will be allotted time to make adjustments to their routine. The amount of time given will be decided by the event director. If the team takes the competition floor at their original competition time and does not notify the event producer of the injury, then they waive their right to make adjustments and compete at a later time.


9 Panel Cheer believes in providing a SAFE environment for all participants and because of this, we allow teams to provide their own spotters from their organization. Competition routines and individual cheerleading skills continue to become more dynamic each year. Routines are consistently featuring partner stunts, basket tosses, and pyramids, and tumbling sequences that are nearly impossible to spot effectively without the safety spotters having intimate knowledge of each routine prior to a competition. Teams are encouraged to have routine spotters, but it is the discretion of the organization’s coaches, directors, etc. whether or not they feel it is necessary.

These spotters must follow the following rules:

  • Teams may provide up to four additional spotters for their routine. Spotters should be trained to know proper spotting and catching.
  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Must be affiliated with the program
  • Must be attired differently than the team performing (team warm-ups preferred).
  • Must follow all Rules and Guidelines. Rules governing jewelry, clothing, and all other safety concerns must be adhered to by the spotters or will result in a
  • Spotters are there for safety purposes only and are not to verbally coach the team during the performance and must not engage in inappropriate behavior before, during, or after the performance, and must exit immediately following the routine. Any occurrence will be considered a general rule violation and will result in a deduction.
  • Spotters may only be used for stunts, pyramids, and basket tosses.
  • Spotters are there to catch any falls/mistakes and are not to assist or save stunts.
  • Spotters that do not adhere to the above rules will receive a .25 point deduction per infraction for the routine. The deduction is at the sole discretion of 9 Panel Cheer.

scoresheets & Score Challenges

Our goal is to always send scoresheets electronically within 20 minutes after your team performs. In order to provide equal respect and confidentiality to all teams, 9 Panel Cheer will not discuss score, safety violations, or deductions with any individual other than the coach, owner, or director of the team that committed the alleged infraction.

Only legality, deductions, and difficulty range can be reviewed. These will only be reviewed on a 9 Panel Cheer video replay system. These infractions will only be reviewed by an event representative and the coach or director of the team that is being reviewed. All protests must be placed within 20 minutes of scoresheets being sent and before the award ceremony. No changes will be made after that time and all judges’ decisions will be final.

Any and all rulings decided at the event are final. The teams coach must fill out a challenge review sheet at the judges stand. Any coach that feels that a mistake has been made may discuss with the event and scoring director. ONE COACH per team may speak to the event director. At this time the scores will be reviewed and discussed and adjustments may be made. Only legitimate protests will be reviewed. ​

Scoring Errors:
In the instance a score is added incorrectly and the error is caught at the event, the team will be properly awarded during the next awards ceremony if possible. If a score is added incorrectly and the error is caught after the event, the score and placement will be corrected. All teams involved will be notified and correct awards will be mailed.

Registration and fees

For pricing information please contact us directly. Early registration deadline is 60 days prior to each event.

A $75 Admin Fee will be added per program, per event. 

A $200 Late Fee will be added for any registration not paid in full by the payment deadline (2 weeks prior to event). 

A $250 Change Fee will be added for any schedule or division changes made after the final schedule has been released. 


cancellation Policy

9 Panel Cheer Applies The Following Cancellation Policy For All Competitions.

  • If your team needs to cancel for ANY reason, 90 or more days out from an event, you are eligible to receive a FULL refund.
  • If your team needs to cancel for ANY reason, 89-22 days before an event, you are eligible to TRANSFER your fees to another event. This must be submitted in writing. The event must occur within the same competition season.
  • If your team needs to cancel for ANY reason, 21 days or less before an event, there is NO REFUND.​
  • If your team needs to reduce participant numbers for ANY reason, there is NO REFUND of the difference.​
  • If an event is cancelled by 9 Panel Cheer and not rescheduled, the team may transfer the payment to another event, or may receive a FULL refund.