9 Panel Cheer believes in putting together fair, knowledgeable, EXPERIENCED, and un-biased judging panels. All of our judges have been carefully screened and come from a variety of backgrounds with experience. All safety judges are current USASF Safety Certified Judges. All panel judges are currently trained and certified in the category they are judging.

For any legality questions, we encourage you to send all inquiries to the USASF cheer or dance for 100% confirmation. Bring your confirmation with you if in question as proof.

For any scoring related questions please contact Kyleigh at [email protected]

All Star Elite, All Star Prep, All Star Novice, and International:

9 Panel Cheer follows The ONE Finals Scoring for the All Star Elite Cheer Teams, All Star Prep Cheer Teams, and All Star Novice Teams. 9 Panel Cheer will continue to use the United Scoring System for All Star Programs for the 2023-2024 season with the modification to reflect the 2022-2023 Quantity Charts for both BUILDING and TUMBLING/JUMPS. This revised version serves the customers of The ONE Global Finals, creating a competitive opportunity for all teams. Follow the link to the The ONE Finals Scoring to see scoring information and score sheets for All Star Elite Cheer, All Star Prep Cheer, All Star Novice, and International Cheer divisions.

The One Finals Scoring

    Traditional Recreation & Performance Recreation:

    9 Panel Cheer has adopted the United Scoring System for Recreation Cheer Divisions for the 2023-2024 season, but has chosen to keep the Quantity Grids and Requirement Adjustments from the 2022-2023 season. The revised version best serves our customers creating a competitive opportunity for all teams.​ Recreation Cheer will follow the USASF Level Rules.

    The One Finals Scoring


    9 Panel Cheer has adopted the USASF Dance scoresheet for the 2023-2024 season.​ Dance will follow the USASF Legality Rules.

    2023-2024 Dance Score Sheet


    9 Panel Cheer will follow the following scoring grids for school.

    Coming Soon